Technicity 2018

Technicity 2018 | Modernization through Innovation

How the City of Toronto embraces technology to drive change
Dec. 12, 2018 - Arcadian Court, 401 Bay St, Toronto

Technicity 2018 will highlight the leadership role the City of Toronto has taken to embrace technology to enhance and modernize the services it offers to citizens and to provide new opportunities for tech savvy companies to thrive in Canada’s biggest city.

The day-long conference will tackle issues ranging from open data and big data analytics to artificial intelligence and the role of emerging technologies in improving service delivery. City of Toronto projects used as case studies with associated panels and individual presentations providing insights and best practice advice for a senior audience.



The City’s annual IT awards program, Toronto’s Got IT Awards of Excellence, becomes an exciting part of Technicity’s program for 2018. A total of 10 awards for the best team-led IT initiatives will be presented by and in front of the city’s senior leadership.


Attendance: More than 150 private and public sector technology leaders with an additional 250 City of Toronto IT staff are scheduled to attend the awards program.