December 7, 2016 • 8:00 am - 3:30 pm

St James Cathedral Centre, 65 Church St., Toronto

Past Events

Technicity 2015 : Playbook: The Connected City

In November 2015, the City of Toronto partnered with IT World Canada (ITWC) to bring together a group of business, community and city leaders to discuss and discover what this new IoT era means for our city, its businesses and municipal government. In an extensive interactive discussion the group explored why business and government leaders need to consider IoT as they plan their strategies and seek to grow and transform business operations.


Technicity 2013 : Focus on Cyber Security

Focus on Cyber Security – Technicity 2013 brings together leading professionals to share insights and foster a sharing of challenges and solutions. This one day conference/think-tank explores the cyber security issues from global and Canadian perspectives. It drills down into business imperatives and the risk management framework needed for companies to be prepared and effectively address the cyber security challenge.